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Why hire high school students?

Hiring a high school intern or volunteer would be very beneficial for your organization. 

Because high school is an early time to begin a career path in the legal industry, those who do seek out these positions are going to be highly motivated and ambitious students looking to advance their passion in law, government, and politics. This motivation will transfer to the workplace—these students will be excited to learn about your organization's day-to-day operations and assist however possible.

These high school interns and volunteers will be eager to do many different tasks, such as organizing files and scanning. Because full-time employees at your organization have so much on their plate, hiring a high school student who is eager and motivated would allow your employees to delegate small yet time-consuming tasks. In addition, hiring a high school intern or volunteer will also allow them to learn about how your organization functions. Because these interns and volunteers will be in high school, this opportunity will likely be their first professional position in a legal organization. As a result, you, as their employer, can train them in accordance with the skills, office norms, and professional traits that you prefer.

Modern high school students grew up with technology—they do not remember the world without it. Thus, these students have fast adaptability and advanced technological skills. Being surrounded by technology has equipped high school students with stellar communication skills. They respond quickly to emails and communicate effectively and efficiently with others, both virtually and face-to-face. Additionally, these students have been learning foreign languages since middle school, if not earlier, allowing them to develop advanced language skills by the time they reach high school. These skills will add value to your organization.

You have a great opportunity to shape the next generation of legal professionals. High school students are passionate about the law, politics, and government, but lack the opportunity to explore and develop these passions. I hope you will consider hiring high school students as interns or volunteers in your organization.

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