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While searching for internships and volunteer opportunities in the past year, I had great difficulty locating opportunities willing to hire high school students. During my research process, I came across many job openings for undergraduate and law students; however, I saw no such opportunities for high school students interested in law and government. I thought to myself, if I am encountering this problem, other high school students interested in law, government, and politics must struggle to find opportunities as well. I wanted to make it easier for passionate high school students to find opportunities in their potential career fields.


As a result, I decided to create this database to gather and share internship, volunteer, and shadowing opportunities so that high school students can more easily locate and access available positions. The positions available on this database specifically target the geographic locations of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. I hope that those using this database to find opportunities will succeed in applying to these positions!



My name is Tiffany Wen, and I am a high school senior in New Jersey. I write for my school newspaper and various publications on campus and participate in community service, most notably Key Club. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing. I am passionate about the law and hope to ultimately pursue a career in the legal field.  

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